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Fresh & Divorced Proposals of All Communities will be registered at portal.

Once a name is registered it cannot be transferred to some other name.

The names will be registered as per plan selected. To register the same name for next period you will have to pay the renewal fees.
Fees once deposited will not be refunded.

The minimum age for registering in is 18 years for women and 21 years for men and the maximum age limit is 70 years for both.

Papers and documents required if unavailable at the time of the registration, should be made available at your own and submit at our portal,pleaseinform or marked married in your profile, after the marriage.

 After the registration, members must contact the respective party at their own.

The portal works for both the parties in sincere and prompt manner. so the members should provide us true and reliable information of the proposals.

The portal, Manager or the center does not guarantee or promise that a match will be made within a certain period after registration.
Parents must be flexible enough to compromise and reply promptly so that the marriages will be arranged promptly.

Your decision about the match fixed by the center should be informed to it at the earliest.

Any misuse of the information obtained from the portal, by any member, may lead to permanent cancellation of the member's registration.

While looking through the proposals, it is very important to note the reg. Number as sell the portal/office work is carried out with the help of this number is registered domain of IT FORCE TECHNOLY PVT.LTD logo is registered under TM act.
You may register your name only if you accept all our terms and conditions.