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Guidelines from Police for Online Matrimonial

  • For choosing partner from the matrimonial site first it is important to find out that whether that site is registered or not.
  • How many people are aware of that site? That can be done through by asking people or friends.
  • To find out the qualification it is important to check the certificates. Sometimes wrong qualification or job description is given. It is done to attract the looker.
  • For job description find out the place and period of working. It can be done by giving call or visiting the office by surprise. If it is nearby then spend some time to find out that whether that person is working or not.
  • If the person is NRI:In such cases it is difficult to find out the actual person. For that proper research should be done. If it is inter religion, find out the type of culture and living standard. Friends and relatives can be good option for enquiring